Caine's Mutiny

Charles E Gannon

FROM THE BOOK JACKET: Caine Riordan, fresh from serving as envoy to the aliens known as the Slaasriithi, has been given yet another daunting task: apprehend raiders that are terrorizing a distant planet. 

As difficulties mount, Caine becomes aware that the mission his superiors sent him to perform may not be the one they actually hope he will achieve. Which means Caine may be forced to choose between honoring a promise to friends or following orders--a choice that could ultimately put him in front of a board of inquiry. Or a firing squad.

CEGannonProfilePicABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. Charles E. Gannon is a Distinguished Professor of English (St. Bonaventure University) and was a Fulbright Senior Specialist in American Literature & Culture from 2004-2009. Dr. Gannon's series include hard-sf interstellar epics (the Fire With Fire series), urban fantasy (the forthcoming Taints), and he also collaborates in several others, including two New York Times Best Selling series: the Starfire military sf series (e.g. "Extremis") and Eric Flint's Ring of Fire series (e.g. "1635: The Papal Stakes"). Prior to his academic career, Dr. Gannon worked as a scriptwriter and producer in New York City. Chuck lives near Annapolis, Maryland with his wife and children.

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